What is the difference between a visitor visa and a super visa?

The super visa is a kind of visitor visa, although there are some important differences as follows:

  • Visitor visa could be applied for everyone who qualifies for entering Canada as a visitor, but super visas are only for parents and grandparents.
  • Visitor visa is for multiple entries in a 5 year period and 6-month stay, but the super visa is for 10- year multiple entry and 2-year stay.
  • Visitor visa does not require the applicant to have insurance; otherwise, he has specific health issues, but the applicant for a super visa needs the insurance coverage of minimum $100,000 for health care, hospitalization, and repatriation, from a Canadian insurance company and valid for at least 1 years.  
  • The host of the visitor visa applicant can be temporary resident i.e. he can be a student visa holder or a work permit holder while the host of a super visa applicants must be a Canadian permanent resident or a citizen. 
  • Visitor visa applicants do not need medical exam, but the super visa applicants need to do medical exam, the reason is that everyone who wants to stay more than 6 months is required to do medical exam.    
  • Visitor visa does not require the host (child(ren), grandchild (ren) ) to show specific level of income in the past three years, but the host for the super visa application should prove by the financial documents that he /she meets the minimum level of yearly income called LICO (Low Income Cut-off) for federal, as listed below for 2018:
Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income
1 person (the sponsor) $24,949
2 persons $31,061
3 persons $38,185
4 persons $46,362
5 persons $52,583
6 persons $59,304
7 persons $66,027
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $6,723

Questions regarding super visa:

1. Can I apply for getting visitor visas for my step parent (s)?

Answer is NO, the applicant for supervise should have a blood relation with the host. The step father or mother is not related to the host based on the blood ties and in fact is not his/ her grandparent.

Another significant point is that the super visa application is only for the parents and grandparents themselves not their dependents that can be siblings, children, or spouse.

Q 2. I want to file an application for my parents’ super visas, we are 4 in the family; me, my husband, and my 2 children, based on the LICO table, how much should be our annual income?

You should include your parents while calculating the family members. Your family is 4+2 (parents) =6 so based on the LICO table you will need to prove that you have earned $59,304 in 2017.